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so if you've seen that anglish is meant to be a core part of this site, you might wonder: what is anglish?

this page shall explain for thee what i believe anglish is, and also my own personal ways of doing it!

anglish is what i would describe as a language project that creates an alternate english that is without foreign influence and is made up wholly of germanic words.

the term anglish dates all the way back to 1966, when it was coined by writer paul jennings in punch magazine, for a hypothetical english without norman influence.

however, the idea of having an english without foreign words goes back way before jennings, and the term anglish has taken on different meanings to different people.

i'm personally more a fan of the "germanic english" approach to anglish, which does not make my anglish constrained to simply being a product of an alternate timeline.

here's where my personal take on anglish comes in. i love archaic words and phrases, and all kinds of obsolete english words, so i kind of use anglish as a tool to bring dead words back to life!