hails netgangers, fare ye well(a greeting, not a goodbye)

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breaking news: i shall forthput a drawing and set it herein!

right, 'tis a drawing that stirreth, and shineth many bright hues. wis, a worthy watch!

anglish and shiny bright knobs aside, what shall i go on about for this incredible, inkhorny installment in our obviously amazing artistic, eye easing, ocular ingraving?~!

well, for one, i'd like to show off some cool gifs i've found on the geocities archive, ones much like the one aforeseen at the top of this page... one of my fondest ones is the gif of the penguin slapping another into water. (though it seems as if he would have gone in either way)

teh gifs

this gif is lately found on my "other" page, which i shall work on too, worry not ye!

this gif is found in twain on my index page, an they are forsooth, spinny worlds!

this gif is a mailbox in the snow, the perfect analogue for digital mail. ('tis also found on the moot somewhere, have fun finding it!)

in other news, let's talk about other things

other things

i was wondering about how each blog entry is it's own html page, and how notwithstanding the stylesheet, i could spice things up on each page however i'd like to, which is much more free than a simple reddit post could ever muster. who knows, i could add secret little easter eggs wherever!

an other, other thing

speaking of things unkin to "other" things, i have also been wondering about my other.html page, which has hitherto been empty and forlorn, with but a lone gif to house...

forthat i will not have this site be but for anglish, i will see to it that i can add whatever i feel to add, and an image that has lately been in my mind is to make more images! yes...
i'd like to make a page about something, whatever it might be, it'd have to have some kind of image, whether it be in the background, foreground, hidden, whatever, and have the page be based around the imagery, though i am unwis as to what exactly i could do.......
. i've been thinking of maybe making one of those text-adventure game things, but with images to further immerse you beyond reading, or mayhaps making a shrine to one of my favorite games, half-life 2, shall do... (also with the images aforesaid)

oh, and speaking of games, this whole typing marathon has remninded me of a software/tool that i've been dabbling in to make them! and that my friend, is rpgmaker. some time ago, i began making games in the famous rpg making machine that is rpgmaker, and i must say... for the first time in my life, i feel as if i can actually make a proper game that doesn't suck/never gets finished!
to be fair, rpgmaker holds your hand every step of the way, and it's games may be overly basic, but i'd like to push it to the limit, and see how good of a game i can make with it! (though even for a newbish game making software, i'd consider myself still a newb)
but hey, i can at least make dialog boxes!

oh, and if you're wondering what version i bought, i bought a good lot of them over the steam winter sale, that being:

i suppose i chose these cuz i'd like to dabble with the retro versions too, and also cuz mz ain't worth mah money for the exact same experience as mv :3

'tis the end. goodbye, an fare ye well!(okay, now it's a goodbye)



amping diri!

..and goodbye ye readers!
before ye stop reading, however, if you have any questions or wanna chat, here be some links i bestow ye beneath.

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